the studio

Studio 101 is an international architecture studio.
Founded on the basis of a collaborative approach between multidisciplinary and yet complementary practices, our goal is to merge architecture, interior design, decoration and landscape design to build your dreams.
Crucially our philosophy is to understand the local landscape and its culture so as to respect the economical, environmental and social ecologies of the existing fabric whilst delivering your dream project. Attention to the sensorial qualities of materials and light is key in our research whilst we strive to enhance our client lives one space at a time.
Studio 101 founders are also active professionals on the following platforms:


Passage du Cheval Blanc – Cour de FĂ©vrier
2 rue de la Roquette
75011 Paris

+33 5 58 42 90 21


101 Avenue Chambrelent
40150 Hossegor

+33 5 58 42 90 21

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